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Texas is FAILING to prepare our kids for college and the jobs of tomorrow.

  • Extremists on the State Board of Education undermine science education, call evolution a lie and claim separation of church and state is a myth.
  • They appoint unqualified political activists to help rewrite history and twist the curriculum in our children’s classrooms to promote political agendas.
  • They want public schools to censor authors, important historical figures and ideas that don’t fit into their own narrow worldview.

But today parents, business leaders and concerned citizens across Texas are joining together to send a clear message to politicians:

To prepare our kids for the 21st century, I insist that:

  • Politicians stop dragging our children’s schools into the “culture wars”
  • Decisions about what students learn are based on sound scholarship and the work of real experts in every subject
  • Classroom teachers and professors in our state’s world-class colleges and universities – not politicians promoting personal agendas – guide the adoption of curriculum standards and textbooks

Our kids deserve better. Our future depends on it.


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