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2010 Press Releases
04.26.2010 New Dunbar Comments Highlight Extremism on Texas State Board of Education
03.19.2010 SBOE Chair Lowe’s Explanation for Dropping Jefferson from Standard Doesn’t Hold Water
03.12.2010 TFN President: Curriculum Process Is Seriously Broken, Dominated by Politics and Incompetence
03.11.2010 Texas SBOE Rejects Religious Freedom in Social Studies Curriculum
03.03.2010 TFN President: Voters on Tuesday Rejected ‘Culture War’ Battles on Education Board
01.15.2010 SBOE Pushes Politics in Social Studies Standards
01.13.2010  TFN, Clergy, Scholars Call on SBOE to Protect Religious Freedom in Social Studies Curriculum Standards
2009 Press Releases
12.09.2009 TFN Statement on Dunbar Decision Not to Seek Re-election to SBOE Seat
10.14.2009 TFN President Calls on Legislature to Investigate SBOE Ethics Concerns
07.10.2009 Texas Freedom Network Statement on Appointment of Gail Lowe as SBOE Chair
05.28.2009 TFN Statement on the Senate’s Rejection of Don McLeroy’s Confirmation as SBOE Chairman 
05.20.2009  TFN Statement on Senate Committee Approval of McLeroy’s Nomination as SBOE Chair
05.20.2009 TFN President Criticizes Failure of House to Require Medically Accurate Information in Sex Ed Classes 
05.06.2009 TFN President Strongly Condemns House Rejection of SBOE Sunset Bill
04.30.2009 SBOE-Appointed Social Studies 'Experts' Lack Credentials, Denounce Public Education, Support Bible-Based Laws
04.27.2009 Texas Freedom Network Statement on House Passage of Permanent School Fund Measures 
04.17.2009 House Reaffirms Strong Opposition to Vouchers in Texas with Overwhelming Vote 
04.01.2009 Putting Chains on Stem Cell Research Would Hurt Texas Families and Economy 
03.31.2009 TFN President Calls for Passage of Sex Ed Reform Bills
03.27.2009 TFN President: Texas State Board of Education Adopts Flawed Science Standards
03.19.2009 Parents, Clergy, Scientists Call for Sound Science Standards as Lawmakers Consider Major Reforms for Texas Ed Board
03.18.2009 TFN President Condemns Shocking Book Endorsement by SBOE Chairman
03.16.2009 TFN President Calls on Lawmakers to Reject Anti-Science Legislation
03.03.2009 House Committee Passage of SBOE Broadcast Bill Is Key Step in Shining Light on Politicization of Education Policy
02.24.2009 New Study: Texas Failing Families, Teens on Sexuality Education
02.13.2009 Statement from TFN President Kathy Miller on Evolution Poll
01.23.2009 SBOE Vote Against 'Strengths and Weaknesses' Language Represents Major Victory for Science Education


2008 Press Releases
12.04.2008 SBOE Chair Should Remove Dunbar from Instruction Committee
11.19.2008 TFN Joins Academic, Business, Faith Leaders in Calling on SBOE to Reject Renewed Attacks on Evolution in Science Standards
11.17.2008 Survey of Texas University Faculty: Overwhelming Opposition to Watering Down Evolution in School Science Curriculum
11.03.2008 TFN President Calls on State Ed Board Member to Retract Charge that the Democratic Presidential Nominee Is a Traitor
10.15.2008 Texas State Board of Education Puts Strident Anti-Evolution Critics on Science Standards Review Panel
09.23.2008 TFN Applauds Pro-Science Draft Curriculum Standards
08.28.2008 Texas Freedom Network Statement on AG Ruling on Public School Bible Classes
08.11.2008 TEA Dropout Recovery Voucher Scheme Is Political Payback for James Leininger
07.18.2008 SBOE Throws School Districts Under the Bus
07.09.2008 Texas Attorney General Can't Certify Bible Courses Will Be Constitutional
05.27.2008 'Dropout Recovery Program' Could Lead to Private School Voucher Scheme in Texas   

Divisive Curriculum Revision Process Exposes Dysfunctional State Board of Education, TFN President Says

05.21.2008 Adult Stem Cells Are Only Part of Groundbreaking Medical Research Needing Support   
04.23.2008 TFN Statement on Public Hearing about the Institute for Creation Research   
04.21.2008 University Faculty: No Certification for Group's Creation 'Science' Master's Degree
03.27.2008 SBOE Must Comply with the Law on Bible Class Standards
03.26.2008 TFN Urges Rejection of Reading Lists in New Language Arts Standards
03.11.2008 Council Leaves the Door Open to Voucher Schemes
03.05.2008 Odessa Lawsuit Agreement Confirms TFN Warnings about Deeply Flawed Bible Course
02.12.2008 Board Chairman Recklessly Throws Away Two Years of Work, Taxpayer Dollars on Curriculum Revision
02.07.2008 Far-Right Groups See Major Funding Increases Since 1998
02.05.2008 Texas Clergy Promote Sound Science in Public Schools
01.10.2008 TFN Asks IRS to Investigate Foundation Linked to Texas Restoration Project


2007 Press Releases

TFN Calls on Texas Education Commissioner to Clarify Remarks on Forced Resignation of TEA Science Director

11.16.2007 TFN Calls on Attorney General to Enforce Textbook Law
11.05.2007 Attacks on Cancer Research Funding Proposal an Example of Political Extremism Blocking Responsible Medical Research
08.07.2007 Recorded Lecture Reveals New Texas Education Board Chair's Hostility To Science, Religious Tolerance
07.17.2007 Texas Freedom Network Statement on McLeroy as SBOE Chair
05.28.2007 Texas Freedom Network Statements on End of 80th Regular Session of Texas Legislature
05.23.2007 Texas Freedom Network Statement on Senate Passage of Bible Class Bill
05.16.2007 Odessa Bible Class Lawsuit a Result of Reckless Decisions by Local Officials
05.08.2007 House Passage of Committee's Bible Class Bill Is a Victory for Religious Freedom in Texas
04.30.2007 TFN Statement on House Bill 3678
04.19.2007 Texas Freedom Network Applauds House Committee Action on Bible Class Bill
04.16.2007 TFN Condemns Irresponsible Vote for Ban on Stem Cell Research Funding
04.12.2007 TFN Launches Statewide Petition Campaign Supporting Stem Cell Research
04.03.2007 Proposed Bill on Bible Classes Could Endanger Religious Freedom, Put Schools in Legal Jeopardy
03.29.2007 Proposed Massive Pilot Voucher Program Takes Aim at Urban School Districts
03.29.2007 House Vote Slams Door Shut on Voucher Schemes
03.28.2007 Autism Voucher Scheme Would Undermine Special Education Efforts in Texas Public Schools
03.13.2007 Special Education Initiatives, Not Vouchers, Are Real Solution for Students with Disabilities
03.07.2007 TFN Statement: Bill Protects Stem Cell Research, Gives Hope to Patients and Families
02.28.2007 Vouchers Are Not the Solution for Families of Children with Autism
02.21.2007 Texas Freedom Network Calls for Strong Oversight, Accountability Measures in Expansion of Faith-Based Initiative in State
02.14.2007 Chisum Launches Attack On Evolution
02.12.2007 Proposed Bill Favors Deeply Flawed Bible Curriculum in Texas Public Schools
02.09.2007 Rep. Chisum Contradicts Himself on Gay Foster Families
02.07.2007 TFN President Responds to Pro-Voucher Propaganda Event
02.02.2007 Gov. Perry’s Decision Is Acknowledgment that Health and Science Should Not Be Held Hostage to Politics
01.09.2007 Challenge to Speaker Sent a Message: Put the People’s Interests above Special Interests


2006 Press Releases

10.17.2006    Texas Faith-Based Initiative Is Political Shell Game
10.13.2006    Voucher Schemes are Expensive, Ineffective and Unaccountable
09.18.2006    Texas AG Keeps Limits on SBOE Textbook Authority
09.13.2006    Clergy, Parents Voice Concerns About Public School Bible Classes
08.28.2006    FreePac Successor Bares Fangs for 2006 Campaign
06.29.2006    Clergy to Politicians: 'Respect Our Faith'
05.02.2006    Task Force Betrays Spirit of National Day of Prayer
03.14.2006    TFN Joins Education Advocates In Backing Censorship Curbs
03.02.2006    TFN Asks for Investigation into Leininger PACs
02.28.2006    Leininger Raises the Stakes
02.13.2006    Voucher-Obsessed Leininger Moves to Close Sale on Legislature
01.31.2006    SBOE Attempts End Run Around Legislature


2005 Press Releases

12.21.2005    Is Odessa the Next Dover?
10.12.2005    TFN Calls for Investigation of Group Backing Marriage Amendment
09.28.2005    Texas Lawmakers Ponder the 'Culture War' at Sept. 30 Event
08.24.2005    Time for Governor to Come Clean
08.01.2005    Turning Public Schools into Sunday Schools
07.20.2005    Statement on End of First Special Session
06.23.2005    Lawmakers Get Failing Grade on Public Schools
06.17.2005    No More Distractions: Lawmakers Must Stay Focused on the Real Goal
05.30.2005    Lawmakers Wasted Time on Distractions Instead of Focusing on Priorities
05.27.2005    Conference Committee Rejects Witch Hunts in Child Protective Services Bill
05.24.2005    Voucher Defeat a Triumph for Texas Families and Neighborhood Public Schools
05.21.2005    TFN Statement on Senate Passage of H.J.R. 6
05.18.2005    House Committee Votes to Hold Texas Kids, Texas Education Agency Hostage to Vouchers
05.09.2005    Senate Rejects Vouchers in TEA Reauthorization Bill
04.29.2005    SBOE, Publisher Still Censoring Health Textbooks
04.28.2005    San Antonio Parents, Teachers Warn Legislators about Failures of Edgewood Voucher Program
04.25.2005    Marriage Amendment an Unnecessary Diversion
04.25.2005    Textbook Bills Open Door to Censorship By SBOE
04.20.2005    H.B. 2479 Returns Texas to Days of Dangerous, Unregulated Faith-Based Programs
04.19.2005    House Bill Gives State Board Of Education a Free Hand To Censor Textbooks
04.19.2005    Ban on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Foster Parents Puts Mean-Spirited Agenda Ahead of the Interests of Kids
04.18.2005    Bill Could Privatize Schools in Every Senate District
04.12.2005    Senate Education Bill Calls For Unprecedented Privatization of Texas Schools
04.11.2005    House Joins SBOE In Blocking Responsible Health Education
04.05.2005    House Voucher Bills Drain Millions of Dollars from Public Schools
03.22.2005    House Bill 1445: A Voucher Bill in Disguise
03.15.2005    TFN Celebrates 10 Years Standing Up For Mainstream Values With New Web Site, 'Open House'
03.09.2005    House Bill 2: Votes for Gutting Education Standards and for Privatization Undermine Neighborhood Schools
03.09.2005    Local Clergy, Religious Groups Call For CHIP Funding
03.08.2005    House Bill 2 Is about Privatization, Not Reform
03.01.2005    House Bill 2: It's About More Than Money
02.28.2005    Senate Should Reject Miller Appointment as SBOE Chair
02.03.2005    Statement From TFN President Kathy Miller On Speaker Craddick’s Assertion That Vouchers Will Be Added Later To Education Bill
01.26.2005    Statement From Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller on Gov. Perry’s State-of-The-State Address



Press Releases - 2004
12.08.2004    Texas Freedom Network Names Kathy Miller As New President
11.05.2004    State Board Approves Flawed Health Textbooks
11.01.2004    Thousands Of Texans Join Campaign For Responsible Health Textbooks
09.22.2004    Samantha Smoot to Step Down as Texas Freedom Network President
09.15.2004    Texas Freedom Network President Backs Education Commissioner’s Call For Teaching State Health Standards
09.07.2004    Texas Poll: 90% of Texans Support Sex Education
07.28.2004    From Bad to Worse: Publishers Make Reckless Changes to Proposed New Health Textbooks
07.14.2004    Experts, Organizations Call for Responsible Health Textbooks in Texas High Schools
07.07.2004    Organizations Launch Campaign to Fight Assault on Responsible Health Education in Textbook Adoption
06.18.2004    State Review Panels Give OK to Failing Health Textbooks in Texas Adoption
04.30.2004    Public Education Advocates Oppose New Voucher Proposal
04.20.2004    Texas Freedom Network Applauds Bipartisan Efforts on School Finance
04.13.2004    Vouchers, ‘Home Rule’ Are Not the Solution to School Funding Crisis
01.29.2004    TEA Commissioner Shirley Neeley Flip-Flops on Vouchers


Press Releases - 2003
11.03.2003    Mainstream Texans Gather in Dallas to Proclaim Faith and Science Not in Conflict
10.29.2003    Publishers Resist Political Pressure to Alter Biology Textbooks
08.20.2003    Business Leaders, Clergy, Scientists Say No to Censorship
06.02.2003    2003 Legislative Recap: Grassroots Mobilization and Mainstream Bipartisanship Defy Radical Right Agenda and Political Power
05.14.2003    Committee Substituted Voucher Bill Sneaks Through Committee at Closed Meeting on House Floor
04.28.2003    Groups Decry “Home-Rule” Bill That Eliminates Class Size, Curriculum, All Education Standards
04.23.2003    Texas House Votes Down Dangerous 'Virtual' Schools Bill; Senate Approves Similar Measure
04.22.2003    Torrent of Bad Education Bills Rips Through Legislature; Leadership Puts Ideology Ahead of Students, Fiscal Crisis
04.03.2003    Voucher Bill Sneaks Through Committee at Closed Meeting on House Floor
04.02.2003    Bill Dismantling Education Standards Heads to House; Ends Class Size, Curriculum, Teacher Standards at Schools
01.28.2003    Bush Faith-Based Plan Undermines Safety and Science


Press Releases - 2002
12.12.2002    Bush Faith-Based Action Follows Disastrous Texas Model
11.15.2002    SBOE Adopts Social Studies Textbooks after Religious Right Revamp
11.12.2002    Far Right’s Changes to Textbooks Prompt Thousands of Outraged Letters to State, Publishers Opposing Textbook Censorship
10.28.2002    Publishers Make Creationist, Anti-Muslim Changes to Pass Religious Right Litmus Test
10.10.2002    Faith-Based Initiative Reaps Bitter Fruit in Texas
08.23.2002    Mainstream Texans Outraged at Textbook Censorship and Book Banning; Citizens Testify to Counter Religious Right
07.09.2002    Mainstream Texans Form First-Ever Campaign Against Textbook Censorship; Parents Tell Censors, Publishers 'I Object!'
03.08.2002    Controversial Religious Right Group, Free Pac, Has Cozy Relationship with Candidates Across State
01.23.2002    White House Sends Top Gun to Defend Faith-Based Initiative in Dallas