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Mobilize Your Community

Delet It Placeholder Help us make history this year by educating and mobilizing your community this election season. If you really want to be involved and make a difference in the SBOE elections this year, TFN has a variety of opportunities for activists and volunteers to participate, including:

  • Registering voters — make sure that your family, friends and community members are registered and ready to vote this year
  • Serving as a community postcard captain get your friends to take the pledge to get informed about the SBOE and vote
  • Helping educate voters and getting out the vote by block walking and phone calls help remind people when and where to go vote, and educate members of your community about these critical elections
  • Passing out voter guides in your community spread the word about where candidates stand on important issues
  • Working on campuses where TFN has a presence TFN will be organizing youth on campuses located in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos, Houston, Brownsville, and El Paso.

If you want to be more involved, please contact our Outreach team at 512.322.0545, or e-mail val for more information.

Controversies at the SBOE

Social Studies
Anti-Muslim Resolution
Sex Education
Other Controversies

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