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Pulling Back the Curtain:
Revealing the Funding Behind the Texas Restoration Project

The Texas Freedom Network has asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate whether a Houston-based private foundation and its backers improperly funded the Texas Restoration Project's efforts to drag churches into Gov. Rick Perry’s re-election campaign in 2006. Groups modeled on the Texas Restoration Project have cropped up in other presidential battleground states. Events hosted by these groups have prominently featured Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee. See the Texas Freedom Network's letter to the IRS along with supporting documents below.

TFN letter to the IRS
Exhibit A - IRS Form 990 for the Niemoller Foundation
Exhibits B-D
Exhibits E-F
Exhibits G-H
Exhibits I-J
Exhibits K-L

TFN press release

To read more background about the Texas Restoration Project, see pages 14-16 of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund's 2006 report: The Anatomy of Power: Texas and the Religious Right in 2006.