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The Great School Voucher Fraud

Public education in America is under assault on two major fronts. One includes the wholesale slashing of public school budgets, which entails layoffs of teachers and other school personnel, increasing class sizes, and eliminating instructional and other programs. The other front features efforts to provide public funding for private and religious schools through vouchers. A new and informative position paper by Edd Doerr of Americans for Religious Liberty -- The Great School Voucher Fraud -- explores this assault on public education, particularly the history and role of vouchers. It also reviews the history of religion in American public education, including what state constitutions have to say about the use of public tax dollars for religious purposes.

Doerr, president of Americans for Religious Liberty, is a well-published writer, a former public school teacher (history, government, Spanish) and since 1966 has been a full-time professional in the religious freedom and church-state separation fields. He is author or editor of over 25 books and several thousand articles and columns. Americans for Religious Liberty defends the core constitutional principle of separation of church and state and, in so doing, help to preserve our nation's historic tradition of religious, intellectual and moral freedom in a secular state. Learn more about Americans for Religious Liberty at

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