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Open Letter to Texas State Board of Education
From Texas Religious Leaders

As leaders of faith communities across this great state, we write to urge you to reject the misleading and inflammatory resolution that alleges a “pro-Islamic/anti Christian bias” in social studies textbooks. We believe this resolution is a thinly veiled attempt to generate fear and promote religious intolerance, which as we have sadly seen before in history, can quickly lead to violence. Also, this unwise resolution involves our children in a divisive political debate that has no place in Texas classrooms.

It is our shared responsibility to promote a culture of mutual respect for all of our nation’s diverse religious traditions and to ensure religious freedom for all – most especially in public school classrooms. This means that our children’s textbooks must treat all religions accurately and fairly, neither denigrating any faith, nor promoting one religion over others. This commitment to religious freedom is a true American value.
In recent weeks religious leaders from many different faith traditions have stepped forward to denounce misinformation and outright bigotry targeting religious communities in America. We join our colleagues in speaking out against attacks directed toward any religion. And we ask you to keep this sort of bigotry out of the headlines – and out of our textbooks – in Texas.
We appreciate your consideration of our views, and thank you for your service to the students of Texas.


* Click here to see the text of the resolution and a briefing paper debunking its false claims.

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