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Texas Biology Review Panel Reports

Stand Up for Science 2013Official state review panels are demanding that publishers insert discredited arguments against evolution and climate change in high school biology textbooks they have submitted for adoption by the Texas State Board of Education. You can read about their demands here.

Below are documents created in August by in-person review panels for the 2013 high school biology textbook adoption. The Texas Freedom Network obtained these documents from the Texas Education Agency through a request under the state's Public Information Act.

Evolution deniers on the review panels made numerous ideological objections to textbook content on the science of evolution and climate change. As a result, the review panels withheld the highest rating for textbooks from a number of publishers, including two of the nation’s biggest publishing houses. Failing to obtain that top rating makes it harder for publishers to sell their textbooks to school districts, which must teach all of the curriculum standards.



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AC Science Biology
Texas Biology Review Panel Report

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Agile Mind Educational Holdings Agile Mind Biology Download
Discovery Education Discovery Education Science Techbook Download
Edumatics Corporation Edusmart Science Texas Download
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Texas Biology Print/Digital Solution Download
LAB-AIDS Inc. Science and Global Issues Download
LAZEL, Inc, dba ExploreLearning ExploreLearning Science Gizmos Download
L.J. Create SciTEX Download
McGraw-Hill Texas Glencoe Biology Online Student Edition Download
Pearson Education, Inc.
publishing as Prentice Hall
Pearson Biology, Texas Edition - Student Edition Download
Sapling Systems, Inc. dba Sapling Learning Sapling Learning Dynamic Biology for High School - Texas Edition Download
Scientific Minds, LLC Biology Science Starters Download
STEMscopes, Incorporated STEMscopes 2.0, Biology Download
Pearson Education, Inc.
publishing as Prentice Hall
Pearson Biology, Texas Edition - Student Edition Download (VIRTUAL REVIEW BY INDIVIDUAL REVIEWER)

Ron Wetherington, an evolutionary anthrophologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, has written a rebuttal to the alleged "factual errors" noted in the panel review for Pearson Education's high school biology textbook. Wetherington served as an official state reviewer for some of the high school biology products, but he was not assigned to review the Pearson textbook. Nevertheless, Wetherington chose to examine the Pearson textbook and the official panel review on his own. His rebuttal of the official review is here.